La Carta Erasmus de Educación Superior (ECHE) constituye un marco general de calidad de las actividades de colaboración europea e internacional que todo centro de educación superior podrá llevar a cabo en el marco del Programa Erasmus+.




The goal of the project is to provide skilled employees for the restructured European textile industry. The main idea of the project  is based on the need to BALANCE the EMPLOYER´S NEEDS on skilled labour forces in European textile and clothing industry WITH EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES OF THE TEXTILE SECONDARY SCHOOLS  or Specialised  educational centres and thus support both  job opportunities and  mobility for graduates (future labour forces).

The growth of the efficiency of vocational education with regard to the structural changes that have taken place in the European textile and clothing industry for the past 20 years. These changes place completely different requirements for the structure and labour force skills. This trend must be transformed also to the whole sphere of vocational education in different European countries.

Project goals

  • Comparison of the level of vocational education in selected countries,
  •  Utilisation of the strong parts of school programmes;
  •  Facilitate the integration and employability of young people who are interested in studying disciplines of the T+C industry;
  • Support of the co-operation between the educational and employer´s sphere by creation of 1 International Multilateral Agreement  combined with 4 national Declaration of Willingness with 20 signatures of companies confirming the strategic partnership between project partners and schools in the textile and clothing branch.  This is the main project output/all partners

Project started at 1. 12. 2016 and it will take 24 months

Coordinator of the project is ATOK.

Project No: 2016-1-CZ01-KA202-023832


Republica Checa, Polonia, Portugal y España


5 Asociaciones de empresarios del sector textil y moda y 4 Escuelas de Formación Profesional de Moda.

  • Asociace textilního – oděvního- kožedělného průmyslu (CZ)
  • Textilní zkušební ústav (CZ)
  • Střední průmyslová škola textilní Liberec (CZ)
  • ATP (PT) Famalicao – Associaçăo Tęxtil e Vestuário de Portugal
  • MODATEX (PT) Porto
  • PIOT (PL) Lodž
  • Centrum Kszatelcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego w Sosnowcu (PL)
  • ASECOM (ES) Madrid
  • FUENLLANA (ES) Madrid